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Welcome to our Restaurant, Pausa Hos Oss

Restaurant "Pausa hos oss", which is located in the hotel, offers carefully selected ingredients and most of the food is prepared from scratch. They use as clean, simple and natural ingredients as possible. Enjoy a good piece of food, a glass of wine or beer or why not try a glass of natural wine.

The menu reflects their travels, love for food and caring for animals, nature and guests.

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Pausa Hos Oss 0731-560206

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Things happening in and around Vejbystrand

2019-07-14 - 2019-07-21Swedish Open
The family-friendly summer party with barbecue and music. Doors open from 18: 00, so pack your picnic basket to go back. Vejbyföreningen arrange the top. Zlipperz dance orchestra playing up to its action-packed music, and more between 19.30 and 23: 30 Location
2019-07-20Öppen Gård
The farms in the Ängelholm municipality and the invite to the on-open the farm in order to raise the level of awareness of and interest in the green industry.
2019-07-21"Music Talks” at the Birgit Nilsson Museum
2019-07-22 - 2019-08-04ÄNGELHOLM OUTDOOR
Floorball tournament outside of young people and the business. Dublin Soc, has grown from an idea to becoming the market leader in Sweden in terms of size, the largest tournament of its kind in the world.22/
Come and explore water with us!!! We have rakes, tubs, loupes, vattenkikare, and the other will be with us. We, the business, and the investigation, and together, we look and what we have found in our bay. It might be a starfish, crab, or our own horse, tångsnällan? For children and adults from 4 years of age and older.
Whoever catches the most crabs in an hour? Whoever catches the biggest crab? Bring your own bucket, fishing pole (string with a tvättklämma) and of the agn. Net, are not allowed! End of diplomdelning. No registration. There is no cost.
2019-07-24Filmkryssning with an homage to Bergman
2019-07-26 - 2019-07-28The craft fair in the town of Båstad is 30 years old
2019-07-26 - 2019-07-31Gynningx2 - The Gardens At Norrviken
2019-07-27Bjäre Trail run
2019-07-27Diggilookonsert of The
2019-07-27 - 2019-08-04Veteran SM i Tennis
2019-07-29 - 2019-08-04Seglarveckan in london
2019-07-31Filmkryssning with an homage to Bergman
Free street theater at the v%C3%A4rldsklass f%C3%B6r the whole family.
2019-08-02 - 2019-08-03Dancing on Norrviken
2019-08-03 - 2019-08-04Fixed Birgit Nilsson Konsert
2019-08-03 - 2019-08-11Västerhavsveckan
Artists show and sell their work. Among other things, pottery, jewelry, cement, textiles, lace making, wool, candles, and wrought iron, and more. Food market, with fresh-baked bread, and lamb burgers, natural snacks for more marknadsgodis, smoked sausages, vegetables, jams, honey, scorched almonds, and more.
Engelholms BMX club arranges NM, from 2019 to p%C3%A5 Siberia in the BMX Arena! It's going to be the momentum and excitement for the whole family. Come and cheer! It's free!!!
2019-08-08 - 2019-08-11The little film Festival in Båstad, sweden
2019-08-10ROCK-IT FESTIVAL IN 2019
On August 10, 2019, arranged a f%C3%B6r the third time, the ROCK-IT Festival – Istanbul”. With the dual guitar leads, heavy riffs, dubbelkaggar, power chord, summer of exhibitors, exciting food, and a great festival audience, do we, once again, alongside the best of the festival. Rock-It Festival in 2019 will be an intimate festival in a river, an ocean and a sea port. You are most WELCOME!
Volkswagenträff for all types of air-cooled Volkswagens. In the area there are activities for young and old, in the form of competitions, awards, barbeque, and more. On Friday at 17: 00 opening meeting of the delegates. On Saturday, the hit is open to the public from 14: 00 to 18: 00. The Sunday-only delegates.
2019-08-11Medeltidsdagen on Norrviken
The Veteran and entusiastfordons of the rally, with the start of the Catena, the Arena in Ängelholm, sweden Lergökarallyt start of the year for the 28th time.
Veteranlastbils of the rally, starting at the Lindab Arena in Ängelholm, sweden The booking of the ralleydeltagare of the
2019-08-18Bjäre about 50 years.
2019-08-18BJÄRE AROUND
Motionstur on the bike, with the start and finish of the Public. The course runs for the 50th time in 2019. Enjoy the beautiful bjäre peninsula from the saddle. A great race for all of you. Start and finish at the town square in Ängelholm, sweden. The various distances of 20 km, 45 km and 80 km.
2019-08-24Torekov, Sweden Swimrun
2019-08-24 - 2019-08-25Sensommarrrundan in the north west of Skåne, sweden
2019-08-24Bomix Orchestra, Grevieparken
2019-08-24 - 2019-08-25SENSOMMARRUNDAN
In late summer, flowering gardens, and everything in the house. Enjoy the beautiful gardens, which are now at their peak.
2019-08-25Torekov, Sweden, Open To The Water, Excellent
Classic cars, sports cars, bikes, mops, and veteranmarknad. Here are all of the motoring enthusiasts. Information
2019-08-28 - 2019-09-01Junior SM Tennis Båstad TS
2019-08-30 - 2019-08-31PARASPORTFESTIVAL
In a place where it has been a joy and a sense of community in the spotlight. Challenge yourself or your friends in a variety of Parasporter coffee and enjoy the atmosphere. During the two days of organized activities for the whole family, and a wide variety of performances at the Karolinska Square, that is, a real city festival. Photos: All the Can the IF Information
Over 80 exhibitors, music, invigningstalare is slottsträdgårdsmästaren of the Krapperup castle, the George Tenet – växtloppis, and lots and lots of visitors.
2019-09-13 - 2019-09-15Skördehelg on the bjäre peninsula
2019-09-29Bröllopsmässa in Margretetorp
2019-10-05Månskensrunda in the north west of Skåne, sweden
2019-10-11 - 2019-10-13B%C3%A5stad Hiking Festival
2019-10-12The Wine Harvest
In The morning (from 09: 00 on Saturday, the second weekend in October Vejby Vineyard annual harvest event where you can experience our way of winegrowing and winemaking. Its an open and social event for all ages where you can pick the grapes and chat with the winemaker and other winenerds over a coffey and a piece of bread.
2019-11-01 - 2019-11-17Go to the bjäre peninsula
2019-11-24 - 2019-11-25Jul p%C3%A5 Norrviken


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