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Kattegattleden - a seaside bike path with great experiences. A 370 km-long bike path between Helsingborg and Gothenburg - a coastal path filled with experiences. For more inspiration about things to do along the path, visit and

Kattegattleden - a bicycle route on the Swedish Westcoast

Kattegattleden - Sweden's first national bicycle route - is a 370 km long bicycle route with a unique, oceanside location. Follow the red and white signs marked number 1 and you will find many memorable experiences along the way.

The bicycle route runs between Helsingborg in the south and Gothenburg in the north, all the way through Halland. It doesn't matter where you begin your adventure, because the path is easily accessible via good transport links.

Kattegattleden offers cycling tourists loads of large - and small - experiences. You will ride through fantastic coastal nature and near wonderful sandy beaches and gorgeous viewpoints. The route runs through picturesque fishing villages and cosy cities. On your cycling tour, you will pass several historical sites and interesting destinations that are all well worth a visit.

Hungry or craving a coffee? A string of cafés and restaurants line the entire route. When you grow tired, there are plenty of accommodation options from which to choose - everything from camping and bed & breakfasts to hotels. There are many spa facilities along the coast where you can find relief for aching joints and muscles, or simply enjoy yourself.

Cycling is freedom! From the bike saddle, you'll get a chance to see and experience more while constantly breathing in the scent of the beach and ocean.

Welcome to Kattegattleden!

Kattegattleden in short
• A 370 km bicycle route between Helsingborg and Gothenburg
- mostly paved.
• Region Halland is in charge of the trail, which is a collaboration between Region Halland, Region Skåne, the Swedish Transport Administration and the ten municipalities of Helsingborg, Höganäs, Ängelholm, Båstad, Laholm, Halmstad, Falkenberg, Varberg, Kungsbacka and the City of Gothenburg.
• Kattegattleden is an initiative to expand cycling tourism and contribute to business development, economic growth and to create new jobs in the municipalities and regions along the path.

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